During the International ACAC Conference 2022 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Cialfo team participated in a virtual session, "China, India, and Elsewhere - Projecting How International Mobility will Evolve". The panel included leading Admissions experts from around the world who shared their insights on student mobility trends before and during the pandemic and offered their thoughts on the future of the sector.

The discussion focused primarily on these themes:

  • How student mobility will impact universities globally and how to best support international students, particularly those coming from China and India.
  • Other up-and-coming regions that admissions professionals should be incorporating into their own strategies.
  • How ongoing pandemic waves, geopolitical climates, safety concerns, and immigration policies may continue to shift future mobility patterns. 


Heard during the session:

"U.S. institutions experienced an unprecedented 14% decline in the enrollment of undergraduate students."

"In 2019-2020, enrollment of Chinese students fell by 0.5%. Alternately, India has exhibited strong growth for six consecutive years."

"One of the silver linings we saw from the pandemic was the expanded reach all of our schools had because of virtual engagement."


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