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With Higher Ed Insights

How are you adapting to the altered higher education landscape?

 Now more than ever, university admissions teams have the opportunity to connect with high schools anywhere in the world. With student recruitment having gone virtual or, at best, hybrid, recruiters can meet with high schools that they hitherto could not reach. However, too much choice is not always the best thing.

As you consider your university outreach strategy and plan your student recruitment activities, you’re probably asking yourself and your team a variety of questions like:

"Where would our recruitment budget make the most impact for us?"

"How can we attract students who are a better fit for our programs?

"Which international student market is still untapped?” 

"What can we learn and improve from our performance last year?"


You have questions, we have answers. 

Cialfo's proprietary data analytics tool, Higher Ed Insights, enables you to:

  • Interpret market conditions and craft your recruitment strategy with real-time global data insights about the preferences of pre-qualified schools and students in various geographies
  • Make data-informed decisions about where and how to spend your budget in order to make the most efficient use of your resources
  • Focus on where to build and strengthen relationships within the Cialfo high school network in each region
  • Discover new schools and students that match your recruitment objectives, whatever they might be


Higher Ed Insights by Cialfo


Here's what Carolyn Barr, International Relations Adviser at Leiden University, had to say about Higher Ed Insights.

As a higher ed professional, Barr's principal challenges are:

  1. Limited time and resources to assist all the students that wish to know more about Leiden University
  2. Difficulty in finding the right-fit students from a sufficiently diverse background
  3. Inability to travel and be in contact with all the relevant institutions around the world

 I want to make sure that we're getting students who are able to thrive in the system we're able to provide.


Barr's chief goals for using a data analytics tool like Higher Ed Insights include understanding international education market trends, benchmarking Leiden University against peer institutions and top universities, and identifying high schools to explore and engage with. 

After taking Higher Ed Insights for a spin, here's her opinion of Cialfo's latest offering:

  • It provides higher ed representatives a much more efficient way to identify the students that would be the most qualified, best-fit students for their institution
  • It is very user friendly
  • It makes figuring out the success rate for the institution much easier

Being a top 100 university, oftentimes academics think that you don't have to convince students [to enroll], but that's not the truth. It's always good to have the data and comparison to show.


Cialfo is the global college application platform where high school students, counselors, and universities connect. Over 250,000 students and their counselors from the world's leading international high schools trust Cialfo to guide them towards the university of their dreams.

Universities like yours are harnessing the power of Cialfo’s network and insights to drive their recruitment strategy and meaningfully connect with diverse and qualified students from 100+ countries.

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