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Over 310,000 students and their counselors from the world’s leading international high schools trust Cialfo to guide them toward the university of their dreams. Just as high school students, counselors, and parents use Cialfo to dream, plan and achieve their goals, so too are universities harnessing the power of Cialfo’s network and insights to drive their recruitment strategy and meaningfully connect with diverse and qualified students from over 100 countries.

Stand out from your peer institutions this recruitment cycle in front of our exclusive global network of 310,000+ students from 100+ countries attending 2000+ of the world's leading international private high schools.

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“We have been so impressed with the relationship we have developed with Cialfo over the past year and a half. The user friendly platform has students at the heart of what they do, yet the data driven approach is incredibly beneficial to universities.” Ciara Newby, Acting Head of Undergraduate Recruitment (International)

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“The Cialfo fair was a great opportunity to connect with lots of engaged students from across the globe." Catherine Eames, International Student Recruitment Manager


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“The Cialfo event was a standout in our virtual fair experiences in terms of students who are a good fit and the amount of follow-up interest it generated." Todd St Vrain, North America Manager (Canada & US)